Signs an Aquarius Man is Serious About You

Discover the signs that an Aquarius man is serious about you. From physical affection to future plans, learn how to decode his intentions.

So, you’ve recently found yourself caught up in the mysterious world of an Aquarius man, and now you’re left wondering if he’s actually serious about you or just playing games. Well, fear not! In this article, we’ll explore some key signs that will help you decipher the intentions of an Aquarius man. From his sudden need for deep conversations to his unwavering loyalty, these signs will give you the insight you need to understand whether your Aquarius man is truly serious about you or if he’s just passing the time. Get ready to dive into the realm of astrology and uncover the secrets behind an Aquarius man’s heart.

Physical affection

When it comes to physical affection, an Aquarius man might not be the first sign that comes to mind. Aquarius men are known for their individualistic and independent nature, often preferring intellectual connections rather than physical intimacy. However, if an Aquarius man is serious about you, you might notice a subtle shift in his behavior when it comes to physical affection. He may start initiating more physical contact, such as hugs, cuddling, or holding hands. This change in his behavior shows that he is comfortable being vulnerable with you and wants to strengthen your emotional bond through physical touch.

Makes time for you

One of the clear signs that an Aquarius man is serious about you is when he consistently makes time for you in his busy schedule. Aquarius men are known for their involvement in various projects and their passion for pursuing their interests. However, if he is genuinely interested in you, he will prioritize spending quality time with you. He will go out of his way to plan dates, hang out with you, and engage in activities that you both enjoy. When an Aquarius man is serious, he will make you feel valued and important by devoting his time and attention to nurturing your relationship.

Shows interest in your life

When an Aquarius man is serious about you, he will display a genuine interest in your life. He will ask questions about your day, your dreams, and your goals. He genuinely wants to know more about who you are as a person, and he will actively listen to your thoughts and feelings. You will notice that he remembers the details of your conversations and brings them up later, showing that he genuinely cares about your well-being. An Aquarius man who is serious about you will make an effort to understand and support you in every aspect of your life.

Opens up to you emotionally

Aquarius men are not known for being emotionally expressive, but when an Aquarius man is serious about you, he will start to share his emotions and vulnerabilities with you. This is a significant indicator of his trust in you and his desire to deepen your connection. He may reveal his fears, insecurities, and even past traumas with you. By opening up emotionally, he is showing that he feels comfortable and safe with you. It is important to create a non-judgmental environment for him, allowing him to feel secure in pouring out his feelings to you.

Includes you in future plans

When an Aquarius man sees a future with you, he will naturally start including you in his plans. You will notice that he talks about upcoming events, trips, or even long-term goals that involve you. This is his way of signaling that he envisions a future together and wants to build a life with you. Pay attention to his words and actions, as they will reveal his intentions and commitment towards a shared future. An Aquarius man who is serious about you will make it clear that he wants you by his side for the long haul.

Gives you his trust

Trust is a fundamental aspect of any relationship, and when an Aquarius man is serious about you, he will start to place his trust in you. Aquarius men can be guarded initially, but if he begins to confide in you, share personal stories, and rely on you for support, it indicates a deep level of trust. By trusting you, he is showing that he believes in your judgment, loyalty, and honesty. This is a significant milestone in an Aquarius man’s emotional journey, as it demonstrates his willingness to let you in and build a strong foundation of trust.

Shares personal experiences

Aquarius men are known for their intellectual and progressive nature, but if an Aquarius man is serious about you, he will also share personal experiences that have shaped his life. He may talk about his childhood, previous relationships, or past challenges he has faced. Sharing these personal experiences is a way for him to let you into his world and give you a better understanding of who he is as a person. Acknowledge his openness and listen attentively, as these shared experiences are hurdles he has overcome and moments that have molded him into the person he is today.

Seeks your advice and opinion

If an Aquarius man values your thoughts and seeks your advice and opinion on various matters, it is a clear sign that he takes your input seriously. Aquarius men value intelligence and enjoy engaging in stimulating discussions. When an Aquarius man is serious about you, he will actively listen to your point of view and consider your opinions when making decisions. He respects your intellect and wants to involve you in his decision-making process. Make sure to reciprocate this respect and offer your honest opinions, as this will strengthen the bond of trust and mutual understanding between both of you.

Shows jealousy or protectiveness

While Aquarius men are generally not overtly jealous, if an Aquarius man is serious about you, he may display subtle signs of possessiveness or protectiveness. He might show concern when other people flirt with you or go out of his way to ensure your safety. This behavior stems from his sincere feelings towards you and his desire to protect and be the one who makes you happy. However, it is essential to communicate openly with him and establish healthy boundaries to ensure that this protectiveness does not become possessiveness or an unhealthy level of jealousy.


While Aquarius men may not always be the most emotionally expressive, there are clear signs that indicate their seriousness in a relationship. From physical affection to trust and emotional openness, an Aquarius man will display his intentions through his actions. It is important to remember that every individual is unique, and these signs may manifest differently in each Aquarius man. Patience, understanding, and open communication are key in deciphering whether an Aquarius man is genuinely serious about you. Trust your instincts, and allow the connection to evolve naturally, as a strong bond with an Aquarius man can lead to a fulfilling and lasting relationship.

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